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Personal injury attorney phoenix arizona

Van Peursem Law concentrates on Accident / Personal Injury Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona. Our expert Legal team will advise you on what you should do, after being involved in an accident.

We are accessible to clients—we even provide you our mobile phone numbers. Sharing Common Goals, now that sets us apart.

We deal with the insurance companies, so you don't have to!

Van Peursem Law was founded to help people like you get the help you need after suffering a personal injury. We provide answers to all of your questions, and fight for your rights. Van Peursem Law is conveniently located in Phoenix, Arizona.

We are committed to helping people who have been injured on the job or off. Van Peursem Law focuses personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability and construction site injury.

You have questions. Who is going to pay for your car repairs? Who is going to pay the medical bills? Where do I go for treatment? What should I say to the Insurance companies? How do I file an accident claim?

We have answers. We work for you.